The Beginning of Earth First Fashion: The Ideas, The Inspiration, The Concept

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The Beginning of Earth First Fashion: The Ideas, The Inspiration, The Concept
The idea came about around October 2017 while I was on holiday on the Cocos Keeling Islands (about a 4-hour flight from Perth, Western Australia). I’ve spent quite a lot of time out there and being a little atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean it gets heaps of debris and rubbish wash up from all the countries around the world as the ocean currents change. I started thinking about waste and ways that waste could be minimized in industries that are dominating around the world such as fashion. My first idea was an online Op-Shop as a means to on-sell pre-loved clothing without letting it go to waste but when I started thrifting when I got back to the mainland I started to feel really overwhelmed and disappointed by the amount of synthetic fibres in op-shops that I’d visited and it kind of started to freak me out a little bit. I loved the cause but didn’t have the passion to on-sell threads that I have no connection to. I also didn’t feel good knowing that the clothes I was on-selling were potentially unethical so I steered myself in a new direction. I know re-using, recycling and reducing is a great opportunity to do better for the planet but I just wasn’t passionate about it the way I am passionate about natural fibres, beautiful materials, textile designs and clothes with a story behind them that have been made by real talented artisans in places all over the world… So Earth First was born.
The first few months I was literally glued to my computer… There is so much to think about when you’re starting an online business and ‘in over my head’ is an understatement. But once I’d secured a few AMAZING wholesale brands to fill up my store with I coded my website, started designing my own products which will be coming to the store in 2019 and creating content. I also started a market around the same time selling my handmade macramé creations (bit of a side passion) all the while still with a full time job on the side.  
Now let’s just brush over the Earth First concept. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of the fact that we’re part of the fashion industry. The second most pollutant industry in the world… Our concept however, is more about starting a conversation and embracing the general knowledge that the fashion industry is never going away and so embracing the opportunity that we see to develop a better industry standard going forwards. It’s all about the future of fashion for us, we can and we will do better.
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