The Very First Time We Did It - A Photoshoot That Is.

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The Very First Time We Did It - A Photoshoot That Is.
Whether you're a total novice or an absolute rookie, every photoshoot gives you such a rush that it's really hard to explain. You get to engage with the energies of other talented creatives and just generally find stunning locations, place and style garments and capture a moment that would otherwise be gone forever. 
The first one we did as Earth First Fashion was probably not one of my finest moments as a business owner but we had so many factors that influenced the direction of the shoot including when our stock was arriving, being incredibly uncertain about where to find fashion models, what locations would suit what I was trying to achieve and making sure that I had everything organised.
Honestly I hadn't ever done any styling before and thought that just because I had the main things needed for a photoshoot that I was prepared but I was a little bit wrong. I was so lucky to have the most amazing photographer Amie from Amie Victoria Photography and the amazing model Bri to help through my first photoshoot because although it was Earth First Fashion's first, these business women had been to the rodeo before!
This was the first day of my life that I had actually realised how much I suffer participating in things that I don't 100% have control of. But luckily every experience is an opportunity to learn so that's exactly what I did.
Our shoots to follow are most certainly going to be done well in advance and be so organised it's not funny!
But our photos turned out to be a dream. Amie (photographer) pretty much lead the whole photoshoot and Bri (model) was so calm that I actually began to feel calm around her so I honestly couldn't have done this first photoshoot without this amazing team. 
If I could give any tips to anyone that is planning their first photoshoot I'd give you the following:
1) Know your photographer... I couldn't stress to have an amazing photographer more... I am soooo blessed to work with Amie Victoria Photography. Her eye for capturing the good stuff is just beyond amazing! 
2) The model makes the photographers life easier and if the photographer is loving working with the model then it really shows in your photos!
3) Plan the outfits prior to the photoshoot and have them in order for the photoshoot. Have options to work with.
4) If the model is wearing jewellery of their own, replace it with yours. 
5) Own it. The photoshoot is yours and if you want it to reflect what you are trying to achieve then you are literally the only person that can make that happen. I felt shy and vulnerable on my first photoshoot and luckily our amazing photographer helped me out but I was so shy that I didn't even watch the photos being taken I just hid behind the change room tent and organised clothes (which I should have done the night before).
6) Find some inspo prior to the shoot and show your model and photographer some ideas that you are hoping to make happen in the shoot.
7) Have fun. It is actually so much fun so just enjoy it. I have had two moments during my two photoshoots that I have done now where I have stood back and felt electricity going through my body and felt like I was absolutely on cloud 9 because it really is an incredible experience, so enjoy those moments.
Here's the incredible shots from our first time!


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