1% for The Planet

Doing more together, than we ever could alone.
We are a 1% for the planet business, committed to giving 1% of our total sales every year whether we are profitable or not, to the amazing and ever growing global movement - 1% for The Planet.
Why do we support 1% for The Planet?
The answer is simple! 
Our planet can't wait any longer...
Climate change is an impending threat, our food systems are becoming stressed as our Earth tries to reproduce at a pace that can withstand the overwhelming reproduction of it's consumers, and our lands, waters, and species are threatened more and more each day. If we don't act now, the viability of our planet and our quality of life face an existential threat.
Our Earth is our home, it's our children and grandchildren's homes and it is one of the most valuable gifts that we will ever be given, so let's do our part and work hard to take care of it together.
A very inspiring clip about how 1% for The Planet came about.