Our Mission

Earth First has been brought to life in a modern world, where global

industrial civilisation has caused some serious damage to the environment

and the climate. Sadly, every natural living system is in decline, including

those that we rely on to sustain our lives.


(It sounds serious because it is, and if ever there was a time to realise and

make a change to your own lifestyle choices in an effort to protect our

environment then that time is now).


We've spent a lot of time out there in our world and by doing so we have come to

appreciate the natural enrichment that grows beneath our feet and it's ability on it's

own to keep us (living organisms) alive. 


We've also come to realise in our mere 25 years of life that fashion is never going

anywhere. But as the 2nd most pollutant industry in the world at this moment, there

is vast room for us to infiltrate change. So in saying that, our mission is to build a

community of brands that integrate ethics and sustainability throughout their

organisations. In doing so, we are providing opportunities for consumers to make

better choices, providing creators with ethical & sustainable values a platform to

sell their products (where their morals are not compromised by those of other

brands) and the Earth an opportunity to heal.


We also endeavour to build a network of education for consumers and

manufacturers so as to identify the impacts of the current state of the fashion/textile

industry and provide opportunities for our audience to become part of a

conversation that can be heard by the world.


We are confident that a cause so relevant to every single human being, will inspire passion in others too.


Together, we can make a real difference. We can inspire a 'new normal' in boutique

fashion, product manufacturing and consumerism, a normal that doesn't sacrifice

the Planet on which we live or the human rights of those that we share it with.


"Unity is strength... When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved"

- Mattie J.P Stepanek